How Remove Unused Media works | the instruction

Documentation - how it's done

This is how you operate Remove Unused Media, use the functions correctly and get everything out of the plugin!

The installation

1. Download the plugin

After the purchase you will receive an email from "Freemius" (the payment service we use) with the link to download the plugin. Click on it and the download of the .zip file will start.

Don't extract the .zip file!

2. Install the plugin

Navigate to "Plugins" in WordPress. Click on "Install" next to the heading and then on "Upload plugin" in the same place. Then select the .zip file on your computer and then activate the plugin.

How to use the plugin

Start an analysis

Click on the "Start Analysis" button at the top next to the heading "Remove Unused Media" to start an analysis.

You can run as many analyzes as you want.

Remember that you should run a new analysis after changes to your content and media so that the data is up to date.

Screen options

Using the WordPress "Screen options" at the top right, you can change the number of displayed elements per page according to your wishes.

Unused media

Here you can find the media the plugin has found to be unused.

This means that the media found here are not used in any of your pages, posts, plugins or themes.

If you move the mouse over an entry, you will find the options for editing, deleting (trash), viewing and ignoring this file.

You can also use the checkboxes on the far left to mark multiple entries and use the bulk actions above or below the table to take action.

Used media

Here you can find the media the plugin has found to be being used.

These media are used on a page, post, in a plugin or theme.

The "Where?" and how?" columns show you in which page, which plugin or theme the media is used and in which way.

Ignored media

You can mark files as "ignored" in the tabs "Unused media" and "Used media", so that they are no longer displayed in these tabs but in the tab "Ignored" and are excluded from further analysis.

This is useful if you have media that are not used on your website but are linked elsewhere (for example, freebies that are used in the welcome email).

You can also mark files that you are not currently using but want to at a later time as "ignored" so that they do not appear as "unused".

If you hover over an entry in this tab or use the checkbox, you can click "No longer ignore" so that this file is again included in the analysis and placed in the corresponding tab.


The trash contains all trashed files.

Here you can see not only the files trashed via Remove Unused Media, but also the files trashed in the media library or in another way.

If you move the mouse over an entry, you can restore the file or delete it permanently.

The WordPress trash folder is deactivated on almost every WordPress installation!

To activate the trash functionality, simply add the following code to your wp-config.php file:

define('MEDIA_TRASH', true);


Do you have any further questions? Write us!

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the instructions, if you have encountered problems or if you have a question before you buy, please contact us.

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