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Remove Unused Media is a plugin for the self-hosted version of WordPress (
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After one year, your license is automatically renewed for another year. Here you get a discount of 30% and you will be notified by email one month in advance to opt-out if you so choose.

Marc Nilius

At WP-Wartung24 we like to tidy up and have often had the
Problem that websites used more storage space than necessary because there were a lot of unused images in the library.

So far there has not been a good and safe way for us to support our customers with their media library and to clean up the storage space.

With "Remove Unused Media" there is finally a plugin that does this job reliably - even in the most difficult environments with PageBuilders and Custom Post Types.

We have already been able to put the plugin through its paces and are thrilled!

You don't just buy a plugin, you...

...get quick support

If something is not working correctly or you need support, we are happy to be there for you!

...get easy usability

No matter the level of experience, everyone can use the plugin. There are no settings and an intuitive interface! money and time

Delete unused media without an extensive search and reduce the storage space used.


Is the plugin GDPR compliant?

In short: yes!

Since Remove Unused Media does not access or transmit any personal data, the plugin is fully GDPR compliant.

Does the plugin automatically delete media?

No! No media will be automatically deleted.

The plugin shows you unused and used media, which you can delete individually or in bulk processing. You are in full control!

Do you help me? Is there any support?

Of course, I will be happy to support you if you run into problems or have questions. Before you ask us a question, take a look at the documentation so that you can move on quickly.

Does the plugin work with all hosters?

Yes, the hoster usually has no effect on the functionality of the plugin. We have also tested it on many hosting systems and found no problems.

Can I use the plugin on

The plugin is only designed for the self-hosted version of WordPress ( and has only been tested here. Use on is at your own risk.

Will my license be renewed automatically?

Yes. If you have selected annual payment, you will be notified by email one month before the license expires that it will be automatically renewed. When you renew you get a discount of 30% on the purchase price.

You have another question? Shoot us an email:!

Birgit Schultz

The plugin is a valuable helper!

Especially when the website has become a bit more extensive. Unused media accumulate faster than you think. As soon I used the plugin for the first time, it showed age-old images that shouldn't have been slumbering on the server for a long time.

With some media, I could hardly believe it at first - but in fact I didn't use them, I used others. Without the plugin, I wouldn't have noticed that so quickly. Maybe never.


Do you have any further questions? Write us!

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the instructions, if you have encountered problems or if you have a question before you buy, please contact us.

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