You now have Remove Unused Media | what to do now

Your purchase was successful!

You have successfully acquired Remove Unused Media, you will receive your confirmation, download link and license code by email, if not, check your spam folder.

What to do now

1. You will get an email

After the purchase you will receive an email from "Freemius" (the payment service we use) with the link to download the plugin.

Click on it and the download of the .zip file will start.
Do not unzip this .zip file!

2. Install the plugin

Navigate to "Plugins" in WordPress. Click on "Install" next to the heading and then on "Upload plugin" in the same place. Then select the .zip file on your computer and activate the plugin with the license code from the confirmation email.

3. Start your first analyzis

Click on the "Start Analysis" button at the top next to the heading "Remove Unused Media" to start an analysis.

Remember that you should run a new analysis after changes to your content and media so that the data is up to date.

4. Make a backup before you delete

Before you start deleting your media, it is best to make a backup of your website (or at least your media).

This is so you are protected in the event of an emergency (like inadvertently deleting media you still need) and can quickly return to the previous state with your backup.

More information

Check out our documentation for more help!

write us!

Do you have any further questions? Write us!

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the instructions, if you have encountered problems or if you have a question before you buy, please contact us.

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